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Your Systems, Simplified

Your workforce shouldn’t have to learn five different systems to get all the information they need.

IQ LINK presents a unified, consistent interface to all your data in one convenient location without sacrificing the subtle attention to detail you can expect to find in high-quality software.

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An introduction to IQ LINK

Trusted by some of Australia’s biggest companies

  • BHP Billiton
  • RioTinto
  • Peabody Energy
  • Newmont
  • Coal & Allied


IQ LINK currently has eight modules that integrate with your existing data systems to make the information they retain easily accessible to all your employees.

Documents icon


Documents can connect to practically any document storage solution and bring the latest revisions of your documents to one single, neat location.

Feedback icon


Feedback provides a platform for staff and management to communicate site suggestions and issues. Customise it to your needs.

Notices icon


Notices is a great way to alert staff of important information and events. Your saved notices are used as a screensaver for idle.

Chemicals icon


Chemicals is designed to provide both workers and emergency personnel with the proper procedures for handling or working with particular substances.

Visitors icon


Visitors is a comprehensive visitor management, registration, badging and tracking software solution. Efficiently capture important visitor information.

Video Memos icon

Video Memos

Video Memos lets your workforce interact face-to-face even when they’re on different shifts. Record a 3 minute video message to share site wide.

Videos icon


Videos can securely host and stream your videos, so employees don’t need to share videos over email, or burden IT with a complex on-site video solution.

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Your Module

We recognise that it’s important to ensure you maximise the value you receive from your existing systems. Let us write a custom IQ LINK module that enables you to access your existing data more simply, whether from PCs or via your IQ LINK kiosks.


One of the main reasons for IQ LINK’s simplicity is that we’re responsible for the manufacture of both the software and the hardware.

IQ Link Kiosk

Our sister company IQ KIOSK is responsible for the design and manufacturing of our specialised IQ LINK kiosks. Constructed from Australian powder-coated steel to an IP65 rating, the floor-mounted IQ LINK kiosk is built to withstand some of the harshest working environments imaginable as well as showcase a stylish IQ LINK design or a specially customised design to suit your businesses branding requirements. IQ KIOSK is also available to modify the kiosks to suit your specific usage and environmental requirements


  • 19" SXGA capacitive-touch LCD mounted behind toughened glass
  • Vandal and dust-proof 64-key long-stroke keyboard
  • 100Hz fixed-position barcode scanner
  • Integrated microphone and camera
  • Double 80mm cooling fans
  • Dust, Water & Splash-proof design
  • Floor mounting plate
  • Eschews an integrated PC, providing a swivel-down PC tray that can accommodate any standard desktop PC
  • Embedded Thermal Label Printer (Optional)

How It Works

IQ LINK connects multiple systems that you are more than likely already using, and presents this information consistently to more of your workforce in one easy to use interface.

All the information in your existing systems, whether it's in Documentum, Safe Stax, Chem Alert, Pegasus Training, Microsoft SharePoint, OpenText, SAP, or just a simple Windows network drive are all consumed automatically by IQ LINK and made available automatically via an easy-to-use interface on desktop PCs, tablets, and our purpose-built touch-screen kiosks.

Cost Effective

IQ LINK can help reduce overheads by increasing productivity and reducing downtime. It also shows a return on investment, in most cases, in a matter of months. Reduce operational expenses related to paper based processing.

Avoid Accidents

Reduce workplace accidents by increasing availability of safety information and procedures to your workplace and allow easy access to critical safety information, site-wide notices and hazard alert systems out of the box.


IQ LINK can integrate with almost any existing system, with its dynamic framework allowing you to customise the system to your specific needs. Provide all your information in a consistent way to minimise training costs and limit confusion.


With no prior computer experience needed, IQ LINK has been pored over by professional designers and user experience experts to provide an engaging, seamless point of entry to all your information

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Send us an email or give our friendly staff at IQ LINK a call to discuss what we can do to simplify your systems.

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